blissqueen (blissqueen) wrote,

small pond

My dad
had big ideas about who he wanted to be
who he was, deep inside
He also felt small
somehow he ended up in the smallest pond
and still he was not appreciated.
Appreciated enough
He couldn't quite get the big things out of his head so that others could see them
The things that people needed he couldn't really do either
still, he was loved
and some could see the brilliance.
Tags: family, people
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that division between desire/imagination and the real world.... i guess i am amazed that there must be people who don't feel a constant and terrible abyss between the two....
i am glad to see your words.
i was just reading the very early beginnings of my 'livejournal.'
i can't believe so much time has passed; i am so fond of all the fun things we did.



February 11 2007, 01:32:04 UTC 11 years ago

Those were fun times, I can not believe it was so long ago.
Are you east or west coast right now?

6'2", dark hair, shaped like a bowling pin?
6'2", dark hair
blue eyes.
leaner than a bowling pin