blissqueen (blissqueen) wrote,

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life now

swimming with the alphabet
letters all around
I find the ambulance in the sink
I find some other strange things too.

He melts against me in the evening
little warm one
he copies my yawns languidly
then looks to me sideways and LAUGHS.
Tags: daily life, water
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aha! i know you're referring to your little one - :) lovely haiku, blissqueen. best wishes to you and ta famille for 2007.

Happy New Year to you!!!!
I am going to look now to see what fauxfille has
been up to.
he is the little prince of bliss

i miss you
hello from rainy stumpietown
do you realize that in 2002 we were in high school.
and then there were the soy burritos
and the hikes
and the singing in bars...
double geez
Very evocative poem.

Missed your journaling!
me too! part of me is living more and part of me has atrophied, I am a bit crippled in parts, but about ready to make my comeback, but comeback farther. Start the inspiring theme music now!

Hope you have been well. I am going to check.
They are all merfolk still...Nothing is sweeter than little fishes disguising themselves as children...
yes, you have said it. gurgle gurlge.
I think a mutual friend visited you recently-chippie-ex.
I have to get the low-down.

i want you back
if you want to be wanted
and, i should tell you
up front
that a change is coming
i won't be me
for much longer
but, i want you to come along
if you want

crackheads outside
kitty inside
time to cook something?

why did you change your name?
woops! shhhhhhh!
not ready yet