blissqueen (blissqueen) wrote,

cleaned out

I am clean out of fabulousness
you have to be ruthless to be fabulous
and you have to brush your hair.

It takes a certain amount of motivation
that I can't seem to muster it right now.
there are too many cobwebs
too many to bat down
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I feel the same way - fabulousness has been wiped out of me. Let's both get our fabulashes backkkkkkkkkkkk. That sounds like a mascara commercial, but you know it's just eyelashes.

How are you?
I think I need a fabulashing!!!!
I just put sparkly glitter on my toes and I think it is helping!
I am fine except for the fabuloss, and not feeling like I am able to hit my groove.
I will keep calling out to my groove and tell it I am ready for it's return, and then when it comes there will be a big party!

How are you?
that was me, I forgot to log in.
sparkling giltter is great! i saw a woman on the subway tonight with toenails designed in cute pink and green plaid design. i had to compliment her. so fabulash! i think my groove returned a few nights ago. i can't tell you how long since it's felt groovy in my world.

i recommend listening to "the skies above" by the equals. they really set me back on a sparkling orbit:

à tout à l'heure!
I am slow at getting the fabulushness back, but the equals, which I finally listened to will help.
I can't believe I never checked them out before. thanks!
No way! You are not clean out of fabulousness! I want to call you soon but the girls are keeping me super busy. The good news is that the place is almost done - the big stuff.
what an acomplishment!
please visit me TOMORROW!! I will at least call you then
I feel cleaned out as well.

love your blog!
thanks, good luck with your poochpatrol!